Negotiated Portfolio: Further brainstorming and… ‘Peach Mumble’

Further brainstorming and development of my Portfolio continues. I’ve completed one article, my re-vamped piece about Cribbs (the Caribbean restaurant in Falmouth) and its chef/owner which has been submitted for publication in Cornwall Today‘s August issue. Definitely excited to see my name in such a well-designed magazine and better yet, some of my photographs.

After having a lovely chat with the owner of vegetarian cafe, Pea Souk, I’ve been having a fun time transcribing the quotes of a 2 1/2 hour-long ‘interview.’ So far I’ve done a draft of the piece which I’ve titled ‘A Chat and a Bowl of Pea Souk.’ Really looking forward to getting the final draft done this week and seeing the photographs that friend and fellow Falmouth student, Lucy Piper, took of last weekend’s Supper Club at the cafe.

You can have a look at Lucy’s work here.

Nicola was kind enough to let us each have a delicious potato ball from her traditional Thali selection. The customers were also incredibly friendly and even though I felt like I was encroaching on such an intimate evening, they were happily chatting to me and asking about the piece in progress.

Great experience overall!

Up and coming pieces:

‘The Art of Baking in a Time of Gluten Free’ – An interview with local bread makers at Stone’s Bakery in Falmouth which I mentioned in my last post. That’s the next piece that I hope to complete.


Peach Mumble…I have ideas cooking.’ – A multimedia piece about Francesca Woodman. Just waiting to hear back from any photography students that may have an interest or have studied her work. The reason I chose to do a multimedia piece for this is because so much has been written about Francesca in the past, why try to write something that reiterates what people have already discussed? So to put a new spin on it, I took inspiration from Cartel Photos, my university’s own photography agency which features the work of current and post students of Falmouth’s Press & Editorial course.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 13.27.26

I can’t help but envy the work they do and partially regret not pursuing that course instead! So I suppose that’s what this project is doing, it’s allowing me to be able to partially involve myself with the work of people I admire. Rather than a 2D feature or photo story on Francesca’s work, I’m planning on bringing the words of her friend, Sloan, to life.

Women-illustrated (vogue)

You can find some examples here:

With a slideshow of her black and white images, my own voice will read out Sloan’s answers as well as some opinions from students or even lecturers – kind of Panorama-style and one that could even be used as a radio piece. Hope this is clearer than it seems! It’s something that I’d love to pitch to women’s photography site and platform: Firecracker.

In my last post, I also discussed writing a piece about the hierarchy of cows worldwide. Crazy I know, but I need a bit of quirk to keep my pieces varied! And who doesn’t love cows? The research for that piece begins today. After watching ‘Life of Pi‘ for the first time last night at The Poly, the first country I’m going to look into is India.

India Cows ( only are the cows particularly beautiful, they’re cherished. If you’re wondering where the hell this came from, it was from the National Geographic back in February when they posted this magical shot of Indian cows.

‘I shot this calf on the road in 2011 on the eve of Diwali at Neyveli, which is my hometown. Due to crackers going off everywhere, the cows couldn’t rest near homes so they sought the middle of the road for rest. The fog, noise, and the backlighting of the streetlight made me take this picture.’ – Mariajoseph Johnbasco

The Hay Festival is quickly approaching so I’d quite like to finally do something about it. I think the past three years I’ve toyed with writing about it and haven’t. I’ll be getting a pre-event write-up of the different big names headlining the literary festival this year.

Hay Fest ProgrameYou can have a look at ‘what’s occurrin’ in the Black Mountains of Wales this May and June by downloading their programme. 

My two last ideas are quite local – why not use the best of my surroundings while I’m here for only a few more weeks?

Because I’d really like to submit something to Kinfolk magazine, I’ve had to think quite far in advance because they’re looking for pieces for their autumn issue. I was on the bus today trying to get some inspiration and realised how fantastic not just the coastline is here in Cornwall but the riversides too.

Thoroughly excited to write a piece in their style of writing, think I’ve been plucking up the courage to just sit down and do it…give it a genuine go. For this narrative piece, I’m hoping to stage a photo shoot along the rivers near Penryn and Falmouth.

Lastly, my favourite place to go past on the bus is a tiny delicatessen in Penryn called Earth&Water.

They serve the most gorgeous little cakes and brownies…all surrounded in healthy goodness. And in such a beautiful little box-of-a-shop. All in all, this little cafe is just my foodie heaven and I’m looking at doing a review of it with Broadsheet’s style in mind (see previous post).

Earth&Water Blogspot

And that’s all she (figuratively) wrote! Such a long post but so many ideas. Best to keep going!


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