Negotiated Portfolio: Published Pieces for HerUni

As the Editor of the HerUni Falmouth page for the past year, I decided to write some pieces for my portfolio that would appeal to the audience I know really well: HerUni readers.

HerUni is a university girl’s guide to everything from relationships to book reviews. Managing the Falmouth page has allowed me to recruit writers and also write pieces that would attract the Falmouth University girl. With a lot of the content being quite ‘throw away,’ glossy mag-style pieces, I always try to make mine more well-established and fact-based but also fun to read.

My pieces that were published on HerUni and put into my portfolio were:

1)  ‘Putting That Spring Back Into Your Step’ – A how-to-guide about getting ready for warmer weather mentally and within your wardrobe and your cupboard. I like for my readers to be healthy and not follow fad trends so I try to set an example of what’s good for you in terms of day-to-day life. A positive incentive about being natural and to feel good about yourself. You can read it here. 

2) ‘Hay Festival 2013: A Student’s Guide To The Town of Books’ is a guide to the literary book festival that happens every year in the town I use to live in, Hay-on-Wye (also known as the town of books). I think a lot more students should know about this festival rather than just the standard music festivals, a bit nerdy yes but it’s a fantastic atmosphere that goes beyond books. I’m not the world’s biggest bookworm since I started university but I still love it (not being biased, I promise) and rather than it just attract the golden oldies, getting young people to get to see it would be fantastic. It was hard to think whether this piece needed quotes or not so I based it around the pull out pages from The Telgraph newspaper a few months ago. You can consider the student version! I had to pull out names that would not just attract the readers of HerUni but also one’s they may not of heard of so that would peak their interest too. You can read that here.

3) ‘Falmouth University’s Graduate Fashion Show 2013’  – a steadily popular post on HerUni. It had over 700 hits on its first day alone according the Facebook page analysis. Fantastic! I posted this the week before the Falmouth Graduate Fashion Show and it seemed to have been the perfect time. I didn’t want to compete with the University’s own press release so I tailored it to predominantly students rather than Falmouth’s appealing to family too. It also includes some behind the scenes photographs that were given to me by Jodie Miller, one of the Fashion Graduates whose work would be featured on the catwalk. I planned to do a post-event write-up of the show after attending it but needed to concentrate on my other portfolio pieces being at their best rather than just add words. I didn’t have a chance to get quotes from any tutors for the pre-event write-up but did get one from Jodie who happened to be one of the star students that evening. You can read it here.

4) ‘Poly’s Put the Kettle On’ Café Review’- Recently published is my cafe review of The Poly’s Put The Kettle On cafe. I took some photos for the cafe the day before my hand in. Cutting it close? I know. It was daunting to get good photographs and an equally good review to go with them. I’m happy with it though and was able to chat to the assistant Manager, Laura Cocks, while I zipped around taking as many lovely shots as I good. I also gave the images to Laura to use on their Facebook page to get more high-quality images for promotion. Hoping she liked them! Am happy with the review but wish I’d had time to actually sit down and eat some of the food! I’d tried a bite of cake with a friend the week before which is what kickstarted the idea to do the review. If only I hadn’t caught a cold I’d have been able to have gone in earlier in the week and done a full review. Needless to say, I feel a bit disappointed with myself but hopefully it still reads well and will do what it’s meant to: get people to want to go. Because HerUni is a wordpress-based online magazine, it’s really hard to get the images to align and look appealing. Not the online style I’d have really liked to have displayed the pictures but I tried best I could! You can read that here but try not to get too hungry!



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