Negotiated Portfolio Poster: ‘Ingredients For a Timeless Friendship’ for Kinfolk Magazine (1st Draft)

I’ve already posted this magazine layout before but I just thought it was worth writing a bit more about it in regards to its layout and design.

I made this to replicate the style of Kinfolk magazine and aimed it towards their upcoming issue, Volume 8. Kinfolk uses a lot of white space and plain, simplistic text, akin to my own style preferences. The photos, by Finn Beales of Hay-on-Wye, go with their style of very classic, well-articulated photography. Because I’m planning to orientate my poster (my final hand-in, ever) around ‘A Journey Through Food & Culture,’ I wanted to emphasise that my pieces of work do come from all over the world. I have stories written about people in the Bahamas, the USA and experiences and food places here in the UK. It’s quite fun as well to have target publications ranging from Portland, Sydney and my own joint-publication, Frais based wherever my best friend and co-editor are in the UK.


Suz 2


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