Work Flow: Upcoming Published Work

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of freelance work keeping my brain busy and my Moleskine diary very full. I’ve also been constantly applying for jobs (when I say constantly, I mean like 10 a day) and begging for work experience.


It seems like I’m in that awkward category of having both too much experience and not enough – I feel like I’m going around in circles! Anyone else having the same problem? The internship enquiries have led to only one unpaid role but it’s in London and even though I’m making real headway finding somewhere to live there, I need to secure some wages. The assistant roles, nope..not one. Even the part-time jobs at like Whole Foods…still waiting. And while I’m enjoying spending time at home in the Bahamas, I’m getting more and more worried I’ll never get that big break that both I and others expect.

A great thing that’s keeping my mind at ease is that I’m currently writing for the local magazine, Abaco Life and also the local newspaper, The Abaconian. By focusing on writing and photographing, I have been enjoying this freelance work at the local publications which is great and I’m so lucky to be offered this role. It’ll be a really great feeling to see my name and my work in both publications in the next week or so and to get my first payment for my articles – I might just have to document my first cheque as a Journalism graduate!

I’ve also been volunteering at the local museum which is quiet so provides a great place to apply for jobs. I’ve also had a lot of fun learning more about Green Turtle Cay (a blog post to come soon) and chatting to new people that come in. Mostly holiday makers from the States, they’ve all been so interested in my studies in Falmouth and what I plan to do. Amazed that I grew up on a tiny island and encouraging me to get my backside back in to the big bad world. I keep saying “Trust me…I’m trying!” and emphasising that I am in fact scared of regressing, losing my confidence and my second-nature-ability to do new things. I’m also not sure if many realise how hard it really is being a graduate today, particularly with the worry than I’ll soon be competing with the next group of graduates.

Painting of 'Dana', Green Turtle Cay's midwife by Alton Lowe.

Painting of ‘Dana’, Green Turtle Cay’s midwife by Alton Lowe. 

I finished university after working my hardest to get good grades and I did; I got a First Class Bachelors degree (which qualifies as an A) in Journalism. My creativity and my ability to meet deadlines and all of that worked so well for me in ‘school’ but now out of it, I’m lacking structure and a focused goal. No longer is it that goal of graduating with good grades, it’s just getting somewhere…succeeding somewhere and with the inability to envision what and where is proving to be messing with my confidence. The thing is, I am flexible about my goals and aspirations – my ultimate dream is to be a food writer but I’m also very interested in pursuing Publishing. I see myself working for Kinfolk or even starting my own successful magazine… maybe even seeing Frais get off the ground and into print.

My mind is such a chaotic mess that sitting down applying for these jobs hours and hours everyday is very hard and the lack of response or the ‘Sorry you were not successful on this occasion’ are all making me lose confidence, too. So, this soon-to-be-published work, my current ‘work flow,’ will be a huge sigh of relief to see in print and I can’t wait to share the following with you:

Abaco Life

-Two recipe-based articles will be published in the upcoming ‘Lobster Issue’ of Abaco Life. One is a tested minced lobster recipe and the other is for homemade lobster ravioli.  Both were from the kitchens of the Green Turtle Club hence my photoshoot there a few posts back. 

-An interview and profile piece on an American painter who came to stay on Green Turtle Cay for 8 weeks will be published in an upcoming issue of The Abaconian. Rett Sturman’s depiction of the island’s street views are truly worth beholding so I’d recommend visiting his website to see some of his other work:

Rett Sturman

-A revamped profile feature on local craftsman, Vertrum Lowe will be featured in the following issue of Abaco Life magazine. Other articles include a piece about a historical home on the Cay that has had some very interesting people live in it (i.e. Neville Chamberlain and a British doctor who nearly cracked the cure for skin cancer) which I’m very excited to learn more about.


-Work also continues on the Thread website. Thread is a company my tutor set out to create the end of last year. It focuses on training the budding creatives of today to get to network with big names. As the Creative Assistant at Thread, I’ve done various interviews and Q&A’s with some of those names which has been very exciting.

Hopefully this all hasn’t bored you but having this blog is also a massive motivation to keep working, keep writing and keep photographing. For a taste of Island Life please make sure to check out my recent photos of home  (Island Life I and II) and recipes from my Bahamian kitchen (Fish Curry and more to come like stewed conch below). I’m even considering starting my own Vimeo cooking ‘show’…stay tuned!

Stewed Conch


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  1. Great blog Kelsi!! I feel the same way in terms of over qualified and not enough experience. To think, we will have to compete with those who are graduating in the upcoming fall/spring! However, stay encouraged and know that your break is coming. Learn along the way and be thankful to know that your time is coming!! All faith and no work is dead!! Stay encouraged, we are both in the same boat – maybe we can help each other paddle 🙂

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