Highlights of: ‘Devour! The Beach’ Food & Wine Festival

With the long-winded agro of traveling back to the UK after three months at home in the Bahamas, I have finally gotten the chance to share with you my highlights of the first ‘Devour! The Beach’ food and wine festival that took place the end of March on Green Turtle Cay. ‘Devour! The Beach’ is the branch-off of ‘Devour! The Food Film Festival’ which is “an international festival celebrating cinema, food and wine culture that takes place in the culinary epicenter of the province–Wolfville, Nova Scotia–with the fourth edition slated for November 12-16, 2014.” (DevourFest.com)

I was keen to get involved with its first ever food and wine festival held on the Bahamian island I grew up on (Green Turtle Cay, which definitely needed a fresh attraction) and after working with Chef Michael Howell (the Exec. Director at Devour) by photographing in the kitchens of the festival’s perspective venue, the Green Turtle Club, I decided to volunteer.

When the advertisement about the festival started to kick off, I had such a good feeling that it’d bring something special for me. I quickly offered my help in any way even if it meant washing dishes and didn’t even begin to fathom the magnitude of skill and fame the North American chefs flying in for the festival held; just knew I had to get involved.

Turns out I’d become something a bit more special than a helping hand – I got the role of Official Photographer for the 3 day event and what a joy! Not only were Chef(s) Michael Howell, Michael Blackie, Craig Flinn, Tom Fleming, Jean Joho and Eric Williams inspiring to work with, their prepared food looked and tasted delicious and most importantly – they were hilarious. Special mention to the Master of Wine – Michael Palij, too!

So my huge ‘thank yous’ go to Chef Mike and Lia Rinaldo (the Managing Director of Devour) who asked me to hop onboard a very exciting breakthrough in food and wine for the Cay, the Green Turtle Club and maybe even the Bahamas. Also, a big thanks to the staff at the Green Turtle Club and what a pleasure to have met all of the interesting attendees of the event.

Here are some of my favourite shots of the inaugural ‘Devour! The Beach’ food & wine festival:

The Food











The ChefsIMG_9318



IMG_9789 IMG_9924

The Wine

IMG_9100 IMG_0006


and The Beach-side Party








All photos are copyright of Kelsi Farrington, 2014. Please ask before using them elsewhere.

Want to see more about the festival? Have a look at this mini online magazine with more details of ‘Devour! The Beach’ 2014.


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