Just Touched Down in London Town

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After successfully being offered an internship in The Big Smoke (aka London), I have recently had to leave my idyllic island life. I’ve made it through one, full week here in London Town and believe me, it’s taking a lot of adjusting after nearly 4 months of being in the Bahamas – a completely different way of living in all sorts of ways!

My work experience begins next week at a Brixton-based company called City Pantry who get the delicious street food of London to the offices of the city’s workers. I’ll be in charge of the social media for the company and although nervous, I’m excited to be getting my teeth into a job that works so closely with food. Although it is going to take me quite a while to get settled, mainly because I’ve yet to have a permanent base (literally from one B&B to another), I feel grateful for all the big opportunities here. It’d just be great to have a home! But luckily, I’m not doing it completely alone – my cousin has also made the move to London and we’ve had a blast exploring and getting the most out of life here already:

A day trip to Kensington 

Our day in Kensington included a trip to the V&A Museum – what a beautiful place. We then met up with a university friend of mine, Omari, and made a crucial decision: where we were going to eat for lunch…


We chose Muriel’s Kitchen – an excellent place for lunch & dessert. I’m in love with so many of these small cafes that offer homemade and well executed dishes. As I said on my Instagram with a photo of the savory food at Muriel’s, I felt like what they served was akin to the type of food I would personally serve. Such an enjoyable experience to feel totally good about what you’ve ordered.

Buckingham Palace & Big Ben

We hopped on the tube and headed a few stops down the line until we could have a good walk around the capital and see all of those iconic tourist sights.




Visiting and seeing all of the ‘iconic’ British monuments and scenes is definitely a big benefit. I love being able to spot where I am just by seeing the Shard or the London Eye in the distance. The mixture of old and new is something I really like as well. It feels like I’m 12 years old again, on my first trip here.

South Bank




I definitely know South Bank and the ‘Queen’s Walk’ better than any other part of London. It was my previous trip to London last year that brought me to London Bridge and along the Thames and it has some really positive connotations. South Bank planted the first idea of moving to London. There’s so much energy here at peak times and it’s a great place to go with friends and even some quiet time alone.

South Bank’s Food Vans




There’s another idea that’s been planted recently – the prospect of running a food van. Because London is joining the big cities in the US with the street food van scene, I can’t help but think of no better band wagon to jump on than this. Some of you know that I’ve worked on creating a Bahamian cookbook that has a British twist – well why not make that into something more? My cousin and I are both into our food (and good food at that) and we’ve made the move here together so we’ve started doing some research into the food van industry. We’ll see what progresses – could be very exciting!

St Paul’s Cathedral 

I love being able to walk for hours with no real destination in mind. The idle chit-chat and the ability to arrive at the steps of astonishing buildings like St Paul’s Cathedral is only slightly relatable to my time in Rome. Amidst all the chaos and frequent changes of a busy city, there are these historic structures.


Cabana Brasilian Barbecue – my first experience of Brazilian food and it was great. Cassava chips are definitely worth getting!





All images are copyright of Kelsi Farrington, 2014 and taken with a Canon Rebel DSLR and a 40mm ‘Pancake’ lens. 



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